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Hybrid PCB
Hybrid PCB
Home Hybrid PCB Board Hybrid Microwave Circuit Boards PCB RO4350B and RT/Duroid 5880

Hybrid Microwave Circuit Boards PCB RO4350B and RT/Duroid 5880

The hybrid PCB can be a mixture of FR-4 and high frequency material, and a mixture of high frequency material with different dielectric constant (DK)

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Hybrid RF and Microwave Circuit Boards 3 Layer Hybrid PCB Board Made On 13.3mil RO4350B and 31mil RT/Duroid 5880

A type of mixed high frequency PCB made on 13.3mil (0.338mm) RO4350B and 31mil (0.787mm) RT/duroid 5880. It’s for the application of multi-coupler antenna.

3 Layer PCB On RO4350B+RT5880

This is a 3-layer board that one layer is etched off.

The basic specifications are as follows:

Base material: RO4350B 13.3mil (0.338mm) + RT/duroid 5880 31 mil (0.787mm)

Dielectric constant: 3.48+/-0.05

Layer count: 3 layers

Via type: Through holes, blind vias

Format: 160mm x 90mm = 1 type = 1 piece

Surface finish: Immersion gold

Copper weight: Outer layer 35μm | Inner layer 35μm

Solder mask / Legend: Green / White

Final PCB height: 1.3 mm

Standard: IPC 6012 Class 2

Packing: 20 panels are packed for shipment.

Lead time: 20 working days

Shelf life: 6 months

Properties of RT/duroid 5880:

RT/duroid 5880 Typical Value
Property RT/duroid 5880 Direction Units Condition Test Method
Dielectric Constant,εProcess 2.20
2.20±0.02 spec.
Z N/A C24/23/50
1 MHz IPC-TM-650
Dielectric Constant,εDesign 2.2 Z N/A 8GHz to 40 GHz Differential Phase Length Method
Dissipation Factor,tanδ 0.0004
Z N/A C24/23/50
1 MHz IPC-TM-650
Thermal Coefficient of ε -125 Z ppm/℃ -50℃to 150℃ IPC-TM-650
Volume Resistivity 2 x 107 Z Mohm cm C/96/35/90 ASTM D 257
Surface Resistivity 3 x 107 Z Mohm C/96/35/90 ASTM D 257
Specific Heat 0.96(0.23) N/A j/g/k
N/A Calculated
Tensile Modulus Test at 23℃ Test at 100℃ N/A MPa(kpsi) A ASTM D 638
1070(156) 450(65) X
860(125) 380(55) Y
Ultimate Stress 29(4.2) 20(2.9) X
27(3.9) 18(2.6) Y
Ultimate Strain 6 7.2 X %
4.9 5.8 Y
Compressive Modulus 710(103) 500(73) X MPa(kpsi) A ASTM D 695
710(103) 500(73) Y
940(136) 670(97) Z
Ultimate Stress 27(3.9) 22(3.2) X
29(5.3) 21(3.1) Y
52(7.5) 43(6.3) Z
Ultimate Strain 8.5 8.4 X %
7.7 7.8 Y
12.5 17.6 Z
Moisture Absorption 0.02 N/A % 0.62"(1.6mm) D48/50 ASTM D 570
Thermal Conductivity 0.2 Z W/m/k 80℃ ASTM C 518
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 31
ppm/℃ 0-100℃ IPC-TM-650 2.4.41
Td 500 N/A ℃TGA N/A ASTM D 3850
Density 2.2 N/A gm/cm3 N/A ASTM D 792
Copper Peel  31.2(5.5) N/A Pli(N/mm) 1oz(35mm)EDC foil
after solder float
IPC-TM-650 2.4.8
Flammability V-0 N/A N/A N/A UL 94
Lead-free Process Compatible Yes N/A N/A N/A N/A

Features and benefits:

1) Lowest electrical loss for reinforeced PTFE material

2) Enhanced electrical performance;

3) 16000 square meter workshop;

4) 30000 square meter month capability;

5) 8000 types of PCB's per month;

6) More than 17 years of PCB experience;


Point to Point Digital Radio Antennas, WiFi Amplifier,  Tower-mounted Booster, Power Amplifier, RF Module



Process PTH PCB


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IPv6 network supported


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Leave A Message

    If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!

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