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Rogers RO3203 PCB 60mil 1.524mm Double sided High Frequency Circuit Material

RO3203 PCB stands out for its improved mechanical stability, making it the go-to choice for high-frequency applications.

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Rogers RO3203 PCB 60mil 1.524mm Double sided High Frequency Circuit Material



The RO3203 High Frequency Circuit Materials are ceramic-filled laminates reinforced with woven fiberglass, engineered to deliver outstanding electrical performance and mechanical stability at a competitive price point. As an extension of the renowned RO3000 Series High Frequency Circuit Materials, the 60 mil RO3203 materials excel with improved mechanical stability, making them an ideal choice for high-frequency applications. With a dielectric constant of 3.02 and a dissipation factor of 0.0016, these materials extend the useful frequency range beyond an impressive 40 GHz.



The 60 mil RO3203 PCB boasts a range of features that contribute to its exceptional performance and reliability:


1) Rogers RO3203 Ceramic-Filled PTFE Composites:

The use of advanced ceramic-filled PTFE composites from Rogers Corporation ensures top-notch electrical properties and mechanical stability.


2) Consistent Dielectric Constant:

With a dielectric constant of 3.02 ± 0.04 at 10 GHz/23°C, the RO3203 PCB provides predictable and reliable performance across a wide range of frequencies.


3) Low Dissipation Factor:

The impressively low dissipation factor of 0.0016 at 10 GHz/23°C ensures minimal signal loss, making the RO3203 PCB suitable for high-frequency applications exceeding 20 GHz.


4) High Thermal Stability:

The RO3203 materials exhibit excellent thermal stability, with a decomposition temperature (Td) exceeding 500°C. This remarkable feature ensures the PCB's reliability even in demanding thermal environments.


5) Efficient Thermal Conductivity:

With a thermal conductivity rating of 0.87 W/mK, the RO3203 PCB effectively dissipates heat, contributing to the overall reliability and longevity of electronic devices.


6) Controlled Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE):

The RO3203 PCB maintains a low and controlled CTE to match that of copper, providing compatibility with epoxy multi-layer board hybrid designs and facilitating reliable surface-mounted assemblies. The CTE values for the X, Y, and Z axes are 13 ppm/°C, 13 ppm/°C, and 58 ppm/°C, respectively.


7) Lead-Free and Flame Retardant:

The PCB is lead-free process compatible and meets the 94V-0 flammability standard, ensuring a safer and more environmentally friendly product.


RO3203 PCB 


The Rogers 3203 PCB offers a host of benefits that make it a superior choice for high-frequency circuitry:


1) Woven Glass Reinforcement for Enhanced Rigidity:

The woven glass reinforcement of the RO3203 PCB enhances its rigidity, enabling easier handling during fabrication and assembly processes.


2) Uniform Electrical and Mechanical Performance:

The RO3203 PCB ensures consistent and reliable electrical and mechanical performance, making it ideal for complex multi-layer high frequency structures.


3) Low Dielectric Loss for High-Frequency Applications:

With its low dielectric loss, the RO3203 PCB excels in high-frequency applications that go beyond 20 GHz, enabling efficient signal transmission and minimizing losses.


4) Excellent Dimensional Stability:

The RO3203 PCB exhibits excellent dimensional stability, resulting in high production yields and consistent performance throughout the manufacturing process.


5) Cost-Effective Volume Manufacturing:

The RO3203 PCB is economically priced, making it a cost-effective solution for volume manufacturing without compromising on performance or quality.


6) Surface Smoothness for Fine Line Etching Tolerances:

The surface smoothness of the RO3203 PCB allows for finer line etching tolerances, enabling the creation of intricate circuit patterns with precision.



RO3203 PCB Stackup and Construction

The 2-layer RO3203 PCB is a rigid printed circuit board designed for high-frequency applications. The stackup configuration is as follows:


Copper Layer 1: 35 μm

Rogers RO3203 Substrate: 60mil (1.524mm)

Copper Layer 2: 35 μm


Additional construction details of the RO3203 PCB include:



Board Dimensions

65mm x 42mm (1 PCS)

Minimum Trace/Space

5/6 mils

Minimum Hole Size


Blind Vias


Finished Board Thickness


Finished Cu Weight

1 oz (1.4 mils) outer layers

Via Plating Thickness

20 μm

Surface Finish

Immersion Gold

Top Silkscreen


Bottom Silkscreen


Top Solder Mask


Bottom Solder Mask


Electrical Test




RO3203 PCB Statistics

The 1.524mm RO3203 substrate PCB has the following statistics:

PCB Statistics:




Total Pads


Thru Hole Pads


Top SMT Pads


Bottom SMT Pads








Artwork and Standards

The RO3203 PCB accepts Gerber RS-274-X artwork, a widely used industry standard for PCB manufacturing. It adheres to the IPC-Class-2 standard, ensuring high-quality fabrication and assembly processes to meet industry requirements and standards.




The RO3203 PCB is available for purchase worldwide, allowing customers from various regions to benefit from its exceptional performance and reliability.


Typical Applications

The versatility and high-frequency capabilities of the RO3203 PCB make it suitable for a wide range of applications, including:


1.Automotive Collision Avoidance Systems:

The RO3203 PCB is well-suited for automotive collision avoidance systems, enabling reliable signal transmission and processing for enhanced vehicle safety.


2.Automotive Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) Antennas:

With its high-frequency performance, the RO3203 PCB is an ideal choice for automotive GPS antennas, ensuring accurate positioning and navigation.


3.Wireless Telecommunications Systems:

The RO3203 PCB plays a crucial role in wireless telecommunications systems, enabling the transmission and reception of high-frequency signals with minimal loss.


4.Microstrip Patch Antennas for Wireless Communications:

The RO3203 PCB facilitates the construction of microstrip patch antennas used in wireless communication systems, ensuring efficient signal propagation and reception.


5.Direct Broadcast Satellites (DBS):

The RO3203 PCB is well-suited for direct broadcast satellite systems, providing reliable signal transmission for high-quality audio and video content delivery.


6.Datalink on Cable Systems:

With its high-frequency capabilities, the RO3203 PCB supports reliable data transmission in cable systems, ensuring efficient and accurate communication.


7. Remote Meter Readers:

The RO3203 PCB is an excellent choice for remote meter readers, enabling the collection and transmission of data with high precision and reliability.


8. Power Backplanes:

The RO3203 PCB is suitable for power backplanes, facilitating the distribution of power signals in high-frequency applications.


9. LMDS and Wireless Broadband:

With its superior high-frequency performance, the RO3203 PCB is well-suited for Local Multipoint Distribution Systems (LMDS) and wireless broadband applications, ensuring efficient data transmission.


10. Base Station Infrastructure:

The RO3203 PCB is an essential component in base station infrastructure, providing reliable signal processing and transmission for seamless communication.



In conclusion, the RO3203 PCB with a 60mil thickness offers exceptional high-frequency performance and mechanical stability. With its superior electrical properties, low dielectric loss, and efficient thermal conductivity, it is ideal for various applications, ranging from automotive systems to wireless telecommunications and satellite technologies. The RO3203 PCB's cost-effectiveness, dimensional stability, and compatibility with high-volume manufacturing make it a reliable choice for demanding electronic designs. With worldwide availability and adherence to industry standards, the RO3203 high frequency PCB is poised to empower cutting-edge technologies and deliver reliable performance in the ever-evolving field of high-frequency circuitry.

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