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Hybrid PCB
Hybrid PCB
Home Impedance Controlled PCB High Tg PCB Made on S1000-2M and 90 Ohm Impedance Control

High Tg PCB Made on S1000-2M and 90 Ohm Impedance Control

This is a type of high Tg PCB with differential impedance on layer 3 at 6mil/7mil, 6mil/10mil.

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High Tg Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Made on S1000-2M With Immersion Gold and 90 Ohm Impedance Control

(Printed Circuit Boards are custom-made products, the picture and parameters shown are just for reference)

Brief Introduction

This is layer 4 at 7mil/7mil and 6mil/7mil track/gap. It is made on high performance and low CTE FR-4 S1000-2M. It’s 6-layer board with 1 oz copper each layer, coating with hot air soldering level (HASL) and green solder mask. It’s supplied by individual board with V-cut. 25 boards are packed for shipment.




Automotive electronics etc.

6layer S1000-2M PCB

PCB Parameters

Item  Description  Requirement Actual Result
1. Laminate           Material Type  FR-4 S1000-2M FR-4 S1000-2M ACC
Tg 170℃ 170℃ ACC
Thickness 1.6±10% mm 1.63-1.68mm ACC
2.Plating thickness       Hole Wall ≥25µm 30.17µm ACC
Outer copper 35µm 41.09µm ACC
Inner Copper 30µm 33.69µm ACC
3.Solder mask                   Material Type TAIYO/ PSR-2000GT600D TAIYO/ PSR-2000GT600D ACC
Color  Green Green ACC
Rigidity (Pencil Test) ≥4H or above 5H ACC
S/M Thickness ≥10 µm 20.11µm ACC
Location Both Sides Both Sides ACC
4. Component Mark      Material Type TAIYO/ IJR-4000 MW300 IJR-4000 MW300 ACC
Color White White ACC
Location C/S C/S ACC
5. Peelable Solder Mask  Material Type
6. Identification        UL Mark  YES YES ACC
Date Code WWYY 0421  ACC
Mark Location Solder Side Solder Side ACC
7. Surface Finish Method HASL Lead Free HASL Lead Free ACC
Tin Thickness 3-6µm 4.06µm ACC
Nickel Thickness
Gold Thickness
8. Normativeness RoHS Directive 2015/863/EU OK ACC
REACH Directive 1907 /2006 OK ACC
9.Annular Ring  Min. Line Width (mil) 6mil 5.8mil ACC
Min. Spacing (mil) 5mil 5.2mil ACC
10.V-groove  Angle
Residual thickness
11. Beveling  Angle
12. Function                 Electrical Test 100% PASS 100% PASS ACC
13. Appearance     IPC Class Level IPC-A-600J &6012D Class 2 IPC-A-600J &6012D Class 2 ACC
Visual Inspection IPC-A-600J &6012D Class 2 IPC-A-600J &6012D Class 2 ACC
Warp and Twist ≦0.7% 0.21% ACC
14. Reliability Test Tape Test No Peeling OK ACC
Solvent Test No Peeling OK ACC
Solderability Test 265 ±5℃ OK ACC
Thermal Stress Test 288 ±5℃ OK ACC
Ionic Contamination Test ≦1.56µg/c㎡ 0.56µg/c㎡ ACC

Hole Diameter Measurement (Unit: mm),Tolerance: PTH±0.075; NPTH±0.05

Hole Code PTH Required Actual value Result
1 Y 0.375 0.375 0.400 0.400 0.375 ACC
2 Y 0.500 0.500 0.550 0.525 0.525 ACC
3 Y 0.7*2.4 0.7*2.4 0.7*2.41 0.69*2.4 0.7*2.4 ACC
4 Y 0.625 0.625 0.600 0.625 0.600 ACC
5 Y 0.725 0.725 0.725 0.750 0.725 ACC
6 Y 0.900 0.925 0.900 0.900 0.900 ACC
7 Y 1.000 1.000 0.950 0.975 1.000 ACC
8 N 1.050 1.050 1.050 1.075 1.050 ACC
9 Y 1.300 1.300 1.300 1.325 1.325 ACC
10 Y 1.350 1.350 1.325 1.350 1.325 ACC
11 Y 1.575 1.575 1.600 1.600 1.575 ACC
12 Y 1.650 1.650 1.700 1.675 1.675 ACC
13 Y 1.700 1.700 1.750 1.725 1.725 ACC
14 Y 3.250 3.250 3.250 3.275 3.250 ACC
15 Y 3.450 3.450 3.400 3.425 3.450 ACC
16 Y 0.7*2.6 0.7*259 0.7*2.61 0.69*2.6 0.7*2.59 ACC

Impedance Test Report

Sample NO. Layer Line Width(mil)±10% Line Space(mil)±10% Impedance Type Required Value (ohm) Tolerance Actual Value Result
Single End Differential
1 L3 6.000 7.000 V 90.00 ±10% 93.59 ACC
L3 6.000 10.000 V 100.00 ±10% 102.33 ACC
L4 7.000 7.000 V 90.00 ±10% 88.99 ACC
L4 6.000 7.000 V 90.00 ±10% 90.76 ACC




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IPv6 network supported


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Leave A Message

    If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!

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