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Hybrid PCB
Hybrid PCB
Home High Frequency PCB TC600 Microwave PCB with 15mil 20mil 30mil 50mil 60mil Thickness High Frequency PCB with Immersion Silver

TC600 Microwave PCB with 15mil 20mil 30mil 50mil 60mil Thickness High Frequency PCB with Immersion Silver

It is designed to provide enhanced heat-transfer through“Best-In-Class” thermal conductivity, while reducing dielectric loss and insertion loss.

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TC600 Microwave PCB with 15mil 20mil 30mil 50mil 60mil Thickness TC600 High Frequency PCB with Immersion Silver

(Printed Circuit Boards are custom-made products, the picture and parameters shown are just for reference)

General Description:

Rogers' (Arlon) TC600 is a woven fiberglass reinforced, enhanced thermal conductivity ceramic filled, PTFE-based composite. The increased thermal conductivity (1.1 W/mk) provides higher power handling, reduces hot-spots and improves device reliability. Lower losses result in higher amplifier and antenna gains/efficiencies. Stable dielectric constant is across a wide temperature range (-75 ppm/oC -40°C to 140°C). It helps power amplifier and antenna designers maximize gain and minimize dead bandwidth lost to dielectric constant drift as operating temperature changes. It has low Z-Direction CTE and mechanical robustness is also greatly improved for the 6.15 dielectric constant market.


1. Very Low Loss Tangent (0.002 at 10 GHz) provides Higher Amplifier or Antenna Efficiency

2. Mechanically Robustness improves processing and reliability, replaces brittle laminates that cannot withstand processing, impact or High Gain forces

3. Low coefficient of thermal expansion on X,Y and Z axis (9, 9 and 35 ppm/°C) matches active components for low stress solder joints

4. High Peel Strength for Reliable narrow lines


1. Reduced Heat Generated through Transmission Line Loss

2. Heat Dissipation and Management

3. Replace Ceramic in Some Applications

4. Large Panel Sizes for Multiple Circuit Layout for lowered Processing Costs

TC600 PCB heat management

Our PCB Capability (TC600)

PCB Material: Ceramic Filled PTFE/Woven Fiberglass
Designation: TC600
Dielectric constant: 6.15  (10 GHz)
Dissipation Factor 0.002 (10 GHz)
Layer count: Double Sided PCB, Multilayer PCB, Hybrid PCB
Copper weight: 0.5oz (17 µm), 1oz (35µm), 2oz (70µm)
Dielectric thickness: 15mil (0.381mm), 20mil (0.508mm), 25mil (0.635mm), 30mil (0.762mm), 50mil (1.27mm), 60mil (1.524mm), 75mil (1.905mm), 100mil (2.54mm), 125mil (3.175mm), 150mil (3.81mm), 200mil (5.08mm),  250mil (6.35mm), 275mil (6.985mm), 500mil (12.7mm)
PCB size: ≤400mm X 500mm
Solder mask: Green, Black, Blue, Yellow, Red etc.
Surface finish: Bare copper, HASL, ENIG, Immersion silver, Immersion tin, OSP, Pure gold plated etc..

Typical Applications:

1. Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) Antennas (Satellite Radio)

2. GPS & Hand-held RFID Reader Antennas

3. Microwave Combiner and Power Divider Boards in Avionics Applications

4. Power Amplifiers, Filters and Couplers

5. Small Footprint Antennas

Appendix: Typical Properties TC600

Property Unit Value Test Method
1. Electrical Properties
Dielectric Constant (may vary by thickness)
@1.8 MHz - 6.15 Resonant Cavity
@10 GHz - 6.15 IPC TM-650
Dissipation Factor
@1.8 GHz - 0.0017 Resonant Cavity
@10 GHz - 0.002 IPC TM-650
Temperature Coefficient of Dielectric -
TCεr @ 10 GHz (-40-150°C) ppm/ºC -75 IPC TM-650
Volume Resistivity
C96/35/90 MΩ-cm 1.6x109 IPC TM-650
E24/125 MΩ-cm 2.4x108 IPC TM-650
Surface Resistivity
C96/35/90 3.1x109 IPC TM-650
E24/125 9.0x108 IPC TM-650
Electrical Strength Volts/mil (kV/mm) 850 (34) IPC TM-650
Dielectric Breakdown kV 62 IPC TM-650 2.5.6
Arc Resistance sec >240 IPC TM-650 2.5.1
2. Thermal Properties
Decomposition Temperature (Td)
Initial °C 512 IPC TM-650
5% °C 572 IPC TM-650
T260 min >60 IPC TM-650
T288 min >60 IPC TM-650
T300 min >60 IPC TM-650
Thermal Expansion, CTE (x,y) 50-150ºC ppm/ºC 9, 9 IPC TM-650 2.4.41
Thermal Expansion, CTE (z) 50-150ºC ppm/ºC 35 IPC TM-650 2.4.24
% z-axis Expansion (50-260ºC) % 1.5 IPC TM-650 2.4.24
3. Mechanical Properties
Peel Strength to Copper (1 oz/35 micron)
After Thermal Stress lb/in (N/mm) 10 (1.8) IPC TM-650 2.4.8
At Elevated Temperatures (150ºC) lb/in (N/mm) 10 (1.8) IPC TM-650
After Process Solutions lb/in (N/mm) 9 (1.6) IPC TM-650 2.4.8
Young’s Modulus kpsi (MPa) 280 (1930) IPC TM-650
Flexural Strength (Machine/Cross) kpsi (MPa) 9.60/9.30 (66/64) IPC TM-650 2.4.4
Tensile Strength (Machine/Cross) kpsi (MPa) 5.0/4.30 (34/30) IPC TM-650
Compressive Modulus kpsi (MPa) ASTM D-3410
Poisson’s Ratio - ASTM D-3039
4. Physical Properties
Water Absorption % 0.02 IPC TM-650
Density, ambient 23ºC g/cm3 2.9 ASTM D792 Method A
Thermal Conductivity (z-axis) W/mK 1.1 ASTM E1461
Thermal Conductivity (x, y) W/mK 1.4 ASTM E1461
Specific Heat J/gK 0.94 ASTM E1461
Flammability class V0 UL-94
NASA Outgassing, 125ºC, ≤10-6torr
Total Mass Loss % 0.02 NASA SP-R-0022A
Collected Volatiles % 0 NASA SP-R-0022A
Water Vapor Recovered % 0 NASA SP-R-0022A







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    If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!

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