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Hybrid PCB
Home Newly Shipped RF PCB WL-CT Series High Frequency PCB Double-sided 1.6mm WL-CT338 aluminum-based boards

WL-CT Series High Frequency PCB Double-sided 1.6mm WL-CT338 aluminum-based boards

WL-CT PCBs exhibits low loss performance, meeting the requirements for high-frequency designs. 

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WL-CT Series High Frequency PCB Double-sided 1.6mmWL-CT338 aluminum-based boards



The WL-CT series of organic polymer ceramic fiberglass cloth-covered copper boards is a thermosetting resin-based high-frequency material. The composition of the dielectric layer includes hydrocarbon resin, ceramics, and fiberglass cloth. It exhibits low loss performance, meeting the requirements for high-frequency designs. PCB processing can be carried out using techniques similar to FR4 materials, making it simpler compared to PTFE materials and ensuring better stability and consistency in circuitry. It can be used as a substitute for similar foreign products.


The combination of hydrocarbon resin and composite ceramics provides excellent low loss, high-temperature resistance, and temperature stability characteristics. The series of materials have a stable temperature coefficient of dielectric constant and loss, low thermal expansion coefficient, and a high TG value of above 280°C.


The series offers a selection of dielectric constants: 3.00, 3.30, 3.38, 3.48, 4.10, and 6.15.


These materials can be paired with standard ED copper foil or reverse-treated RTF copper foil. RTF copper foil offers excellent PIM (Passive Intermodulation) performance, reducing conductor loss and insertion loss. The back-treated RTF copper foil has an increased material thickness of 0.018mm (0.7mil), providing good adhesion.


The series can also be paired with aluminum-based substrates to create aluminum-based high-frequency materials.


The circuit boards can be processed using standard FR4 board fabrication techniques. The excellent mechanical and physical properties of the material allow for multiple lamination cycles, making it suitable for multi-layer, high-layer-count, and backplane processing. It exhibits excellent processability in dense hole and fine line routing.


Product Features

Ø Low dielectric constant tolerance and low loss.

Ø Thermosetting resin-based system with improved PCB processability and heat resistance.

Ø Excellent temperature coefficient of dielectric constant with minimal temperature variation.

Ø Thermal expansion coefficients in the X/Y directions equivalent to copper foil; low thermal expansion coefficient in the Z direction ensures dimensional stability and reliable copper connections in the holes.

Ø High TG value above 280°C, maintaining dimensional stability and copper quality even at high temperatures.

Ø High thermal conductivity, superior to thermoplastic materials of the same grade, suitable for high-power applications.

Ø Commercialized, mass-produced, cost-effective products.

Ø Excellent resistance to radiation, maintaining stable dielectric and physical properties even after exposure to radiation.

Ø Low outgassing performance, meeting the vacuum outgassing requirements for aerospace applications.


Product Models & Data Sheet

   Product Technical Parameters Product Models & Data Sheet
Product Features Test Conditions Unit WL-CT300 WL-CT330   WL-CT330Z WL-CT338 WL-CT350 WL-CT440 WL-CT615
Dielectric Constant (Typical) 10GHz / 3.00  3.30    3.30  3.38  3.48  4.10  6.15 
Dielectric Constant (Design) 10GHz / 2.98  3.45    3.45  3.55  3.66  4.38  6.4 
Dielectric Constant Tolerance / / ±0.05 ±0.06 ±0.06 ±0.05 ±0.05 ±0.08 ±0.15
Loss Tangent (Typical) 2GHz / 0.0025  0.0021  0.0025  0.0023  0.0030  0.0040  0.0032 
10GHz / 0.0030  0.0026  0.0030  0.0029  0.0039  0.0050  0.0040 
20GHz / 0.0036  0.0033  0.0035  0.0038  0.0048  / /
Dielectric Constant Temperature Coefficient -55 º~150ºC PPM/℃ 27  43  43  45  52  -21  -122 
Peel Strength 1 OZ RTF copper N/mm 0.85  1.0  0.85  1.0  0.85  1.0  0.9 
1 OZ RTFcopper N/mm 0.72  0.72  0.72  0.72  0.72  Not compatible Not compatible
Volume Resistivity Standard Condition MΩ.cm 3×10^8 5×10^9 5×10^9 6×10^9 1×10^9 1×10^9 2×10^7
Surface Resistivity  Standard Condition 2×10^8 5×10^9 5×10^9 7×10^8 4×10^9 5×10^7 5×10^6
Electrical Strength (Z direction) 5KW,500V/s KV/mm 28  22      22  31  31  27  30 
Breakdown Voltage (XY direction) 5KW,500V/s KV 35  22       22  30  30  25  25 
Coefficientof Thermal Expansion (X, Y direction) -55 º~288ºC    ppm/ºC 15, 14 15, 13 15, 13 14, 16 11, 14 14, 18 15, 17
Coefficientof Thermal Expansion (Z direction) -55 º~288ºC    ppm/ºC  31  39  39  50  34  35  33 
Thermal Stress 288℃, 10s,3 times    /     No Delamination     No Delamination     No Delamination     No Delamination     No Delamination     No Delamination     No Delamination
Water Absorption 20±2℃, 24 hours    % 0.15  0.02    0.05  0.04  0.05  0.12  0.08 
Density Room Temperature g/cm3 1.57  1.82    1.78  1.78  1.90  2.00  2.18 
Long-Term Operating Temperature High-Low Temperature Chamber -55~+260 -55~+260 -55~+260 -55~+260 -55~+260 -55~+260 -55~+260
Thermal Conductivity Z direction W/(M.K) 0.41  0.59  0.59  0.70  0.70  0.66  0.72 
PIM Paired with RTF copper foil. dBc ≤-158 ≤-157 ≤-157 ≤-158 ≤-157 N/A N/A
Flammability UL-94 Grade V-0 Non-flame retardant V-0 Non-flame retardant V-0 V-0 V-0
TG Standard >280℃ >280℃ >280℃ >280℃ >280℃ >280℃ >280℃
TD Initial Value 412  421  386  421  386  402  398 
  Halogen    Yes No   Yes     No     Yes Yes No
Material Composition Hydrocarbon + Ceramic + Fiberglass cloth


Our PCB Capability (WL-CT)

PCB Capability (WL-CT Series) 
PCB Material: Hydrocarbon resin, ceramic, and glass fiber cloth
Designation                           (WL-CT Series) Designation DK DF
WL-CT300 3.0±0.05 0.0030 
WL-CT330 3.3±0.06 0.0026 
WL-CT330Z 3.3±0.06 0.0030 
WL-CT338 3.38±0.05 0.0029 
WL-CT350 3.48±0.05 0.0039 
WL-CT440 4.1±0.08 0.0050 
WL-CT615 6.15±0.15 0.0040 
Layer count: Single Sided, Double Sided PCB, Multilayer PCB, Hybrid PCB
Copper weight: 1oz (35µm), 2oz (70µm)
Dielectric thickness ED Copper TRF Copper
4mil /
8mil 8.7mil
12mil /
16mil /
20mil 20.7mil
28mil /
32mil 32.7mil
40mil 40.7mil
60mil 60.7mil
80mil 80.7mil
PCB size: ≤400mm X 500mm
Solder mask: Green, Black, Blue, Yellow, Red etc.
Surface finish: Bare copper, HASL, ENIG, Immersion silver, Immersion tin, OSP, Pure gold, ENEPIG etc..


A WL-CT PCB and Applications

Displayed on the screen is a double-sided 1.6mm WL-CT338 PCB with immersion gold coating specifically designed for filters. WL-CT high frequency PCBs are versatile and widely used in various applications, including:

Base station antennas and satellite antennas.

Automotive radar, sensors, and navigation systems.

Power amplifiers.

Satellite high-frequency heads.

RF devices and filters.

WIMAX antennas and distributed antennas.

Small-sized patch antennas.



Final (WL-CT series aluminum-based boards)

This series of laminates provides aluminum-based substrates, where one side of the dielectric layer is covered with copper foil, and the other side is covered with an aluminum-based layer. It serves for shielding or heat dissipation purposes. The model numbers are WL-CT350-AL. For instance, WL-CT350-AL represents WL-CT350 with an aluminum-based substrate.


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