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Hybrid PCB
Hybrid PCB
Home Rogers PCB Board 4 Layer Rogers 4350 High Frequency PCB 2 Core 10mil RO4350B Immersion Gold

4 Layer Rogers 4350 High Frequency PCB 2 Core 10mil RO4350B Immersion Gold

Rogers 4350B laminates provide tight control on dielectric constant (Dk) and maintain low loss while utilizing the same processing method as standard epoxy/glass. 

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4 Layer High Frequency PCB Built On 2 Core of 10mil RO4350B with Immersion Goldfor Wireless Antenna System

(Printed circuit boards are custom-made products, the picture and parameters shown are just for reference)

Hydrocarbons or ceramics with woven glass reinforcement make up the majority of Rogers 4350 materials. According to FR4 requirements, they are treated. When mounting components, such as PTFE materials, Rogers 4350 can help increase the dielectric strength and does not necessitate the use of specific equipment or through-hole technology. For active devices and high power RF designs, they have UL 94 V-0 rating. A superb dimensional stability is provided by them.

This is a 4-layer RO4350B high frequency PCB built on 2 10mil cores, bonded by 1 sheet of RO4450F prepreg. As per the requirement of signal transmission, the prepreg can be 1 sheet (4mil), 2 sheets and 3 sheets. This board is for the application of Wireless Antenna System. It's 0.80 mm thick, white legend over green solder mask covered on both sides and immersion gold are on pads. They're fabricated per IPC 6012 Class 2 using supplied Gerber data. Each 25 panels are packed for shipment.

Stack up 10mil core

According to actual applications, the prepreg can be chosen as more plies, for example, following micro-section shows a 3-ply of RO4450F.

4 Layer Rogers PCB 700P

Parameter and data sheet:

PCB SIZE 120 x 120mm=1PCS
Number of Layers 4 layers
Surface Mount Components YES
Through Hole Components YES
LAYER STACKUP copper ------- 35um(1 oz)+plate TOP layer
RO4350B 0.254mm
copper ------- 35um(1oz) Mid Layer 1
RO4450F 0.1016mm
copper ------- 35um(1oz) Mid Layer 2
RO4350B 0.254mm
copper ------- 35um(1 oz)+plate BOT layer
Minimum Trace and Space: 5.5 mil / 6 mil
Minimum / Maximum Holes: 0.38 mm / 3.72 mm
Number of Different Holes: 8
Number of Drill Holes: 489
Number of Milled Slots: 0
Number of Internal Cutouts: 4
Impedance Control: no
Number of Gold finger: 0
Glass Epoxy:  RO4350B Tg280℃, er<3.48, Rogers Corp.
Final foil external:  1.5 oz
Final foil internal:  1 oz
Final height of PCB:  0.8 mm ±10%
Surface Finish Immersion Gold
Solder Mask Apply To:  TOP, 12micron Minimum
Solder Mask Color:  Green, PSR-2000GT600D, Taiyo Supplied.
Solder Mask Type: LPSM
Side of Component Legend TOP
Colour of Component Legend White, IJR-4000 MW300, Taiyo brand
Manufacturer Name or Logo:  Marked on the board in a conductor and leged FREE AREA
VIA Plated through hole(PTH), minimum size 0.42mm.
Outline dimension:   0.0059"
Board plating: 0.0029"
Drill tolerance:  0.002"
TEST 100% Electrical Test prior shipment
TYPE OF ARTWORK TO BE SUPPLIED email file, Gerber RS-274-X, PCBDOC etc
SERVICE AREA Worldwide, Globally.

Features and benefits    

1) RO4350B Excellent high frequency performance;

2) Low dielectric tolerance and loss;

3) ISO9000, ISO14001, IAFT16949 certified factory;

4) 30000 square meter month capability;

5) 8000 types of PCB per month;


Splitter HDMI, 3G Router, Bluetooth Module, WiFi Amplifier, Bluetooth USB Dongle, Low noise amplifier, Interference filter, Tower-mounted booster, Multi-coupler




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Leave A Message

    If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!

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