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Hybrid PCB
Hybrid PCB
Home FR-4 PCB Board Low Dk / Df FR-4 High Thermal Reliability Printed Circuit Board TU-872 Multilayer PCB

Low Dk / Df FR-4 High Thermal Reliability Printed Circuit Board TU-872 Multilayer PCB

TU-872 SLK Sp is based on a high performance modified epoxy FR-4 resin. This material is reinforced with novel woven glass and designed with extra low dielectric constant and low dissipation factor for high speed low loss and high frequency circuit board application. 

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Low Dk / Df FR-4 PCB High Thermal Reliability Printed Circuit Board (PCB) TU-872 Multilayer PCB

(Printed Circuit Boards are custom-made products, the picture and parameters shown are just for reference)

General Description

TU-872 SLK Sp material is suitable for environmental protection lead free process and also compatible with FR-4 processes. TU-872 SLK Sp laminates also exhibit excellent CTE, superior chemical resistance, moisture resistance, thermal stability, CAF resistance and toughness enhanced by an allyl network forming compound.


Key Features

1. Excellent electrical properties

2. Dielectric constant less than 3.5

3. Dissipation factor less than 0.010

4. Excellent, stable and flat Dk/Df performance

5. Compatible with most FR-4 processes

6. Lead free process compatible

7. Improved z-axis thermal expansion

8. Anti-CAF capability

9. Superior dimensional stability, thickness uniformity and flatness

10. Excellent through-hole and soldering reliability

Our PCB Capabilities (TU-872 SLK Sp)

PCB Material: High performance modified epoxy FR-4 resin
Designation: TU-872 SLK Sp
Dielectric constant: < 3.5
Layer count: Double Layer, Multilayer, Hybrid PCB
Copper weight: 0.5oz (17 µm), 1oz (35µm), 2oz (70µm), 3oz (105µm), 4oz (140µm), 5oz (175µm)
PCB thickness: 10mil (0.254mm), 15mil (0.381mm), 20mil (0.508mm), 25mil(0.635mm), 30mil (0.762mm), 60mil(1.524mm)
PCB size: ≤400mm X 500mm
Solder mask: Green, Black, Matt Black, Blue, Matt Blue, Yellow, Red etc.
Surface finish: Bare copper, HASL, ENIG, OSP, Immersion tin, Immersion Silver etc..
Technology: HDI, Via in pad, Impedance Control, Blind via/Buried via, Edge Plating, BGA, Countsunk Holes etc.

Main Applications

1. Radio Frequency

2. Backpanel, High performance computing

3. Line cards, Storage

4. Servers, Telecom, Base station

5. Office Routers

Our Advantages

ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949, ISO13485, UL Certified;


30000㎡output capability per month;

Prototype to large volume production capability

IPC Class 2 / IPC Class 3;

Any layer HDI PCBs;

Delivery on time: >98% 

Customer complaint rate: <1%

Typical Properties (TU-872 SLK Sp)

Typical Properties for TU-872 SLK Sp Laminate
Typical Values Conditioning IPC-4101 /126
Tg (DMA) 220°C
Tg (DSC) 200°C > 170°C
Tg (TMA) 190°C E-2/105
Td (TGA) 340°C > 340°C
CTE x-axis 12~15 ppm/°C N/A
CTE y-axis 12~15 ppm/°C E-2/105 N/A
CTE z-axis 2.30% < 3.0%
Thermal Stress,Solder Float, 288°C > 60 sec A > 10 sec
T260 60 min > 30 min
T288 20 min E-2/105 > 15 min
T300 5 min > 2 min
Flammability 94V-0 E-24/125 94V-0
Permittivity (RC 50%) @10GHz 3.5
Loss Tangent (RC 50%) @10GHz 0.008
Permittivity (RC50%)
1GHz (SPC method/4291B) 3.6/3.4 < 5.2
5GHz (SPC method) 3.5 E-2/105 -
10GHz (SPC method) 3.5 -
Loss Tangent (RC50%)
1GHz (SPC method/4291B) 0.006/0.004
5GHz (SPC method) 0.007 E-2/105 < 0.035
10GHz (SPC method) 0.008
Volume Resistivity > 1010 MΩ•cm C-96/35/90 > 106 MΩ•cm
Surface Resistivity > 108 MΩ C-96/35/90 > 104 MΩ
Electric Strength > 40 KV/mm A > 30 kV/mm
Dielectric Breakdown > 50 kV A N/A
Young’s Modulus
Warp Direction 26 GPa A N/A
Fill Direction 24 GPa
Flexural Strength
Lengthwise > 60,000 psi A > 60,000 psi
Crosswise > 50,000 psi A > 50,000 psi
Peel Strength, 1.0 oz RTF Cu foil 4~7 lb/in A > 4 lb/in
Water Absorption 0.13% E-1/105+D-24/23 < 0.5 %


Process PTH PCB




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IPv6 network supported

IPv6 network supported


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Leave A Message

    If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!

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