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Hybrid PCB
Hybrid PCB
Home High Temperature PCB PCB with Peelable Mask Double Sided Circuit Board Built on Tg170 FR-4 Coating HASL.

PCB with Peelable Mask Double Sided Circuit Board Built on Tg170 FR-4 Coating HASL.

This is a type of 2 layers PCB board built on FR-4 Tg170 substrate for the application of 8 Port Switch.

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PCB with Peelable Mask Double Sided Circuit Board Built on Tg170 FR-4 Coating HASL.

(Printed circuits boards are custom-made products, the picture and parameters shown are just for reference)

1.1 General description

It's 1.6 mm thick with white silkscreen on green solder mask and HASL (pb free) on pads. The big pads on top layer are protected by Peelable masks. The base material is from ITEQ supplying 8 up boards per panel. They're fabricated per IPC 6012 Class 2 using supplied Gerber data. Each 25 panels are packed for shipment.

1.2 Features and benefits    


1. High Tg material suit for lead free assemblies with a maximum reflow temperature of 260℃;

2. HASL shows excellent wetting during component soldering and it can avoid copper corrosion;

3. Reliability test, insulation resistance test and ionic contamination test;

4. Powerful PCB capabilities support your research and development, sales and marketing;

5. Quick Lead time: 3-5 days

6. Customer complaint rate: <1%

7. Eligible products rate of first production: >99%;

8. ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, UL certified manufacturing factory.

PCB with Peelable Mask

1.3 PCB Specifications

Number of Layers 2
Board Type  Double Sided PCB
Board Size 146 x 96mm=8UP
Board Thickness 1.6 mm +/-0.16
Board Material FR-4
Board Material Supplier ITEQ
Tg Value of Board Material  170℃
PTH Cu thickness ≥20 um 
Inner Iayer Cu thicknes N/A
Surface Cu thickness 35 um (1oz)
Solder Mask Type and Model No. LPSM, PSR-2000GT600D, Peelable Mask
Solder Mask Supplier TAIYO
Solder Mask Colour Green
Number of Solder Masks 2
Thickness of Solder Mask 14 um
Type of Silkscreen Ink IJR-4000 MW300
Supplier of Silkscreen TAIYO
Color of Silkscreen White
Number of Silkscreen 1
Mininum Trace (mil) 11.5 mil
Minimum Gap(mil) 6  mil
Surface Finish Hot air soldering level (HASL)
RoHS Required Yes
Warpage  0.19%
Thermal Shock Test Pass, 288±5℃,10 seconds, 3 cycles. No delamination, no blistering.
Solderablity Test Pass, 255±5℃,5 seconds Wetting Area Least 95%
Function  100% Pass electrical test
Workmanship Compliance with IPC-A-600H & IPC-6012C Class 2
Drill table (mm) T1: 0.600
T2: 0.700
T3: 0.800
T4: 1.000
T5: 1.100
T6: 1.200
T7: 1.240
T8: 1.300
T9: 1.350
T10: 1.400

1.4 Applications

WiFi Router

Tracker GPS

Battery Led Lights

Electronics Components

Car Tracking

Scada Systems

GPS Transmitter

AC To DC Rectifier

AC To DC Converters

Test equipment

1.5 Manufacturing Process of Multi-layer PTH PCB (Peelable Mask)

(1). Material Shearing                                          

(2). Inner Layer Dry Film                                                    

(3). Inner Layer Etching                                              

(4). AOI 1                                               

(5). Black Oxidation                                             

(6). Milling Outline Frame                                           

(7). Out Layer Drilling                                                  

(8). PTH

(9). Out Layer Dry Film

(10). Copper-tin Electro-Plating

(11). Peeling and Etching

(12). AOI 2

(13). Solder Mask

(14). Silkscreen Printing

(15). Surface Finishing

(16). Electrical Testing

(17). Profile Contouring

(18). Peelable Mask

(19). FQC

(20). Packaging

(21). Delivery




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    If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!

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